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Malaika Oringo


A survivor, consultant, advocate and speaker
against human trafficking, she is the Founder
and CEO of Footprint to Freedom.

Oringo has highlighted gaps in TIP European legislation. She has
worked with NGOs, researchers, law enforcement officials and
educators in the public and private sectors. Her keynote at the UN
General Assembly 2021 can be seen at the right:

As CEO of Footprint to Freedom, she speaks up for the victims of human trafficking and creates awareness of the exploitation situations in which many women find themselves. She specializes in her home country Uganda and the neighboring countries, Kenya and Tanzania. She sees many women from these countries who are exploited in the Middle East and return to their homeland in absolute devastation. Without a suitable alternative, traffickers target these women, giving them false hopes that Europe is the answer to their hopelessness, but instead, they end up being re-trafficked and re-victimized.

As a talented speaker and campaigner, Malaika Oringo has highlighted gaps in European legislation and policy against human trafficking at the UN General Assembly. She has also advised on best practices that can provide victim-centered, trauma-informed, and survivor-centered approaches to improve response to survivors' and victims’ needs. She served as a member of the 1st ISTAC Survivor Advisory Council under the OSCE/ ODIHR. Furthermore, she works as a Survivor Inclusion and Engagement Specialist for Salvation Army international.

In 2021, she was awarded by child10 and Queen Silvia of Sweden for her commitment to fighting child sex trafficking in Europe and was also an award winner for the MyVoiceForJustice project alongside individuals lending their voices to DNA for Africa's mission to strengthen the criminal justice system through the use of forensic DNA technology.

"She is on a mission to create an army of survivor leaders,
an alert community, just laws and policies, and well-informed service providers"

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