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Malaika Oringo


A Leading Advocate in the Fight Against Human Trafficking Globally/Climate Action in Africa

Malaika Oringo is a distinguished expert in human trafficking, Climate Change, and Gender-Based Violence. She has dedicated her life to combating this heinous crime and empowering victims and survivors to become leaders.

Here is an overview of her remarkable journey and impactful work:

A Journey Powered by Resilience

In a world where resilience is often the only weapon against oppression and injustice, Malaika's story serves as a reminder that one person's determination and compassion can make a significant difference. Her journey is an extraordinary testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity and work towards a more just and compassionate society. Growing up in an environment where women faced systematic silencing, stigmatization, and unjust blame in the face of exploitation, Malaika experienced a profound sense of powerlessness. Gender-based inequalities and normalized violence entrenched in societal norms left her deeply aware of the vulnerability experienced by many. She passionately advocates for survivors of sex trafficking, labor exploitation, and other forms of abuse, giving voice to those often silenced by society.

Founder and CEO of Footprint to Freedom and Director of the African Survivor Coalition

Malaika is the Founder and CEO of Footprint to Freedom. This organization empowers survivors of human trafficking to advocate for critical causes such as abolitionist legislation, gender equality, climate action, labor rights, safe migration policies, victim support, and financial inclusion for vulnerable populations. Through this organisation, she has impacted the lives of hundreds of survivors, guiding them toward a brighter future. In addition to her role as Founder and CEO, Malaika also serves as the Director of the African Survivor Coalition, a transformative project launched by Footprint to Freedom to create a resilient survivor community throughout Africa to empower survivors of human trafficking, amplify their voices to lead.

Global Impact and Advocacy

Malaika’s advocacy transcends broad and various disciplines. As the Director of the African Survivor Coalition and CEO of Footprint to Freedom, she has left a significant mark on the global anti-trafficking landscape. Her expertise in human trafficking guides the establishment of victim-centered, trauma-informed investigations that break through geographical boundaries, challenging traditional paradigms.

Elevating Survivor Voices

Malaika firmly believes in the power of survivor-led efforts. She is an educator, trainer, mentor, speaker, and tireless advocate for victims' rights. Her work stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication.

Influence on the Global Stage

Malaika's influence extends globally, from Europe's corridors of power to high-level roundtable discussions. Her expertise highlights gaps in European legislation and policies related to human trafficking. She has collaborated with influential entities like The Salvation Army, 0SCE,Finance Against Human Trafficking, ILO. She spoke at the EU Parliament, and engaged in the UN General Assembly, which underscores her role as a catalyst for policy reform and heightened global awareness.

Tangible Impact

Malaika's impact is tangible and measurable, having reached over 20,000 women, boys, and girls in vulnerable communities across Europe, Africa, and America through human trafficking awareness initiatives and advocacy since 2008. She has collaborated with over 500 global NGOs and law enforcement agencies, providing critical insights into victim support, survivor inclusion, and engagement.

Awards and Recognition

Malaika's commitment and influence have earned her numerous awards. including Child10 and Queen Silvia of Sweden awards, DNAforAfrica, and the Voice Achiever Award in the Netherlands. These honors stand as a testament to her dedication to working with different stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking.

A Profound Legacy

Malaika's commitment is unwavering, and her influence is profound. From combating all forms of trafficking to advancing sustainable development goals, her reach extends across diverse fields, including business, environment, gender equity, and more. Her legacy is a testament to the transformative power of a dedicated advocate whose global impact echoes across continents.

Guiding Principles of Working with Malaika

  1. She refrains from promoting unpaid "opportunities."
  2. She refrains from endorsing any opportunities, whether paid or not, that require survivors to divulge details of their personal trauma stories.
  3. Research participation should adhere to ethical and trauma-informed practices with well-defined safeguarding measures.

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