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My name is Mukasa Najib aka Bobbin Case (Fabric Murderer) , sharing my art through Fashion and design has been the most interesting thing in my life, my works in the fashion and design industry  have pushed me to be a concept creator, I see everything visually before bringing it on table. I grew up with people doing it locally mostly my grandmother and this is where the love for fashion begun from, in my opinion I think it’s naturally an in born art in me. Fashion has pushed me to places I dint even know I would reach to, I have showcased in different parts of the world, nominated multiple times, won awards and got big connections in the industry at a local and international level.

Working with Footprint to Freedom has been the greatest calling in my career that has helped me connect to reality and be part of the solutions to social problems like human trafficking through using sustainable fashion and design skilling as an extra additional help to empower the victims. Dealing with the survivors, victims and vonluteers has helped me to understand why I was blessed with such an art, Fashion and design has helped me to transform the lives of many young girls and single mothers who are the mostly likely group to fall into higher chances of being trafficked.

I have really gained a lot while at Footprint to Freedom; I have learnt that the first form of slavery in life is keeping quite when there is any form of injustice around me or in society. I have got to know that the voice is always used to speak up and advocate for social reforms in society. I have developed my communication, administration and guidance &counseling skills while at the center. I am proud to say that I have joined the many strong voices worldwide that have come out to speak about Human Trafficking and its evils. The question in mind for the rest of you is; What have you done to end this evil practice of Human Trafficking? Think about it!

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