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Freedom Foundation in the Netherlands

Survivor Leadership and Advocacy

In the Netherlands, the Footprint to Freedom Foundation works to promote empowerment, inclusion and engagement. We realized that the inclusion of survivors’ voices is limited to sharing their traumatic experiences as a way to raise awareness and nothing more. 

Also, many organizations serving victims lack the resources for long-term support of survivors of human trafficking, yet survivors often have unique challenges such as: suffering from the after effects of their exploitation, loneliness, stigma, unemployment, lack of standard skills, criminal history associated with their trafficking experience, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from years of physical abuse and trauma in prostitution or forced labor.

To bridge this gap, we created a survivor-led network with empowered survivors to join hands to change perceptions, advocate on behalf of other survivors and ultimately contribute to one shared goal to end human trafficking everywhere it exists.

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Your donation will help us train survivor professionals across East Africa to advocate for
just, effective policies and legislation, and build alert communities about human trafficking 

We welcome donations here:

Account: Stichting Footprint To Freedom
Bank: Rabobank
IBAN: NL23RABO0318848147