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Empowerment Center Uganda

The Center provides survivors with a safe, trauma-informed space to heal and learn new skills. We organize workshops that consist of an informative part ( raising awareness), a theoretical part about economic entrepreneurship ( economic support), and a hands-on part (alternative livelihood opportunities and understanding of social issues such as human trafficking, gender-based violence, and climate change.

We have survivors trained to inspire others, and support change, fostering more survivor leadership and empowered to claim their rights and those of their Community in both the anti-trafficking and the broader human rights sectors.

Our incubator program is a multi-faceted curriculum designed to effectively enable survivors and risk youth to attain economic independence and pathways to employment as an alternative to seeking exploitative jobs abroad.
We have a full-fledged Skill Upgradation Program which has converted hundreds of youth into skilled and productive members of society. Through its remedial education project, we train survivors and youth skills in E. Marketing training, Computer literacy, Sustainable Sewing, Arts and craft, and Entrepreneurship.

Other Outreach Services

  • Job pieces of training
  • Trauma Informed Care focused groups
  • Buddies/Peer-to-Peer Mentorships
  • Leadership/ empowerment pieces of training
  • Raise awareness in schools
  • Host congresses to bring survivor leaders together
  • Startup business training
  • Financial inclusion training

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Leadership and Advocay

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Your donation will help us train survivor professionals across East Africa to, advocate for effective, just policies and legislation, and build alert communities about human trafficking.